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A lot is said about the life of a human being as how it comes in the body, who has created the life, what happens after the death, who runs this life etc. But the today’s science is not able to create a life independently and could not solve the mystery of death. This science has not reached any of the planets and has reached only on the Moon. The ancient Indian scientists called Rishi Munnis did not only knew about the history of evolution of earth but also did know about the other planets. Not only this but they did know that how the life on earth starts and when it ends and when it again restart and how. This is a very vast subject and we will discuss in detail about this in our future topics To under stand the present topic we shall remember that the life on earth is created by Lord Shiv. He has the female part in Himself and that is why He is called ARDHNARISHWAR(Half portion of His body is Male and Half portion of His body is female). The female part of His body is called SHIVA. Means SHIV AND SHIVA are the two unsperable part of His body and are also called SHIV AND SHAKAATI means the female part is also called Shakati(power). Lord Shiv is worshiped in both forms NIRAKAR(without any shape-AS LING) and SAKKAR (which has specific shape like statues of Lord Shiv).Lord Shiv has created the Brahmand(universe) by creating from Himself His three counterparts called BRAHMA-VISHNU and RUDHAR. Among Them God Brahama who was created from his left part is given the responsibility of creating Sarashti(life) in this universe , God Vishnu who was created from the right part of Lord Shiv is given the responsibility of running the Sarashti(life). God Rudhar who was created from the middle of eyes of Lord Shiv and is supposed to be the true copy of Lord Shiv in Sakar Roop is given the responsibility of destroying the life at the end of Sarishti.


Similarly our body is supposed to be of three parts


SUKSHAM(very fine) SHAREER(some time called life,JIVATAMA) and

KARAN(reason, cause of life or who created the life or PARAM ATMA-SOUL).


As we have discussed in our previous articles about BHOG AND KARAM YONI, the third part which represent the Almighty Lord Shiv or God Rudhar is supposed to be present in the Human life only, as only humans are supposed to be in the Karam Yoni. The Karam(action) done by a human in Karam Yoni decide about the future of that human. Mostly once if a human enters the Karam Yoni that human keeps on taking birth in the Karam Yoni and keeps on getting the family according to his Karam. But when the GOOD OR THE BAD KARAMS of a human exceeds the limit then that human is sent to the BHOG YONI’S. It is also not necessary that all the Bhog Yoni’s are bad. The entry in the SWARG( heaven) is also a Bhog Yoni and a human gets the SWARG when he does the extremely good Karams with some KAMANA(desire). The life in SWARAG is a BHOG YONI as the members in SWARAG can not do any new Karams. They can only enjoy the life of SWARAG and when the good Karams earned by that human being is finished then that human is again sent to the earth to earn new Karams. But some people worship God or do the Good Karams without having any Kamana (desire) and are called to be doing good Karams with NISHKAM BHAV(without any desire). Since they wanted nothing in lieu of their Good Karams then they get the Moksh and get merged in the NIRAKAR ROOP OF ALMIGHTY LORD SHIV and never take birth on this MRITYU LOK(earth).


Also the human who do the extra ordinary bad Karams then they are pushed to bad Bhog Yoni’s like animals, bird etc. Since they are not suppose to do any new Karam in the Bhog Yoni’s, so the part of Param Atma is not present in them and are run only by the Suksham Shareer-Jeev Atma. When the effect of the bad Karams of Human ends then that human is again sent to the Karam Yoni to do the good Karams and not to repeat the previous mistake. In Karam Yoni the Karam which can lead a human into bad Bhog Yoni’s can be destroyed only by helping the spices who are spending their life in the Bhog Yoni’s. This is the main reason for which the Hindu religion always strongly recommends to help and feed the Animals and birds and AHINSA(non-violation).


To understand the functioning of human life we shall first understand what happens after the death of a human being. After death the STHOOL SHAREER becomes dead as the Jeev Atma is taken out by the Yams of Yamraj( the God who take the JEEV ATMA after death) and the Pram Atma goes to God Rudhar and give Him the record of all the activities of that human being. After judging the activities of that human a Yoni is allotted to the human being and accordingly a body is find out where to plant that Jeev Atma or Suksham Shreer. If it is Karam Yoni then at the time of birth the Atma(a very small part of Paramatma) also enters the body and start recording the activities of the human body. So like that it can be seen that in first few months only body grows in the Uterus of a lady and after few months when the body fully takes shape then the Jeev Atama enters that body and body starts movement. Like wise immediately after birth the ATMA enters the body and start recording the activities. I may also quote here that up to 10 days the SUKSHAM SHAREER remain in touch with the family of previous life and visit the place of grieved family. Some time it try to attacks the person who has cremenated the dead body in anger because he is the person who has destroyed the body which that SOOKSHAM SHAREER has left. Due to this reason in Hindu religion the person who has cremenated the dead body always keep a weapon made up of Iron with him up to 10 days. One more thing is seen in the Hindu R

eligion that up to 10 days when we give some eatables to dog or crow in the name of dead human being, they do not take it and immediately on 11 the day they (dog or crow) start accepting it. Also up to 40 days a newly born infant do not recognize the mother or father and keeps on laughing or crying of his own and only after 40 days the infant started recognizing the people and things around him. Actually up to 40 days the SOOKSHAM SHAREER remains connected with the memories of his previous birth and recollecting those memories he sometime laugh and some time cries. After 40 days the infant starts forgetting the previous life and starts making relationship with the new surroundings. When the child starts talking by that time he completely forgets his previous life and totally gets connected with the new life. The body which takes birth is bound by the various PAASH(bindings) KAAM, KRODH, MADH, LOABH, Moah, Maya (already discussed in previous articles) etc. These PAASH always direct the Sooksham Shareer to work to satisfy them. Under the influence of these PAASH the human being are more attracted towards the SANSARIK OR BHOTIK( physical) satisfactions and attractions on the contrary the ATMA(soul) always advise the SOOKSHAM SHAREER to work for the spiritual satisfaction and work in the positive direction with NISHKAM BHAV to get rid of this repeated cycle of Birth and death. Lord Shiv is the only force who has created all these PAASH and only He knows how to come out of these PAASH. Since He is the PATI(owner) of these PAASH that is why LORD SHIV is also called PASHUPATI NATH. One temple of Lord Shiv with this name is present in the country of NEPAL


The life of this SOOKSHAM SHAREER depends upon so many things like the number SHWAS(breaths), total eatable quantity and so many other things. Knowing this the Rishi Muni’s of Hindu religion were living for thousands of year by stopping the breath with the help of Yoga. The life of the human depends upon the type of KARAMS that human life has done in the previous life. The KARAMFAL (result) is also depend on so many things(we will discuss the detail in our future articles). . The KARAMFAL again can be divided in so many categories and the present life is the result of some of the previous KARAMS AND some of the present life KARAMS. So, it is not necessary that we may see the result of our good or bad KARAMS immediately. Some time we see that the person who has done so many bad Karams are enjoying life and the person who has done so many good KARAMS are spending a miserable life. Actually the person who has done bad KARAMS and enjoying life is at the brink of finishing all his good KARAMS and just to finish it that person is enjoying in spite of bad KARAMS and the person who is doing good KARAMS is finishing the very few bad KARAMS left in his account by spending the painful life. The human being get the actual Yoni which he deserve when those few left good or bad KARAMS finish. But one thing we must keep in mind” NO BODY CAN SKIP THE KARAM BHOG”.


In this regard I will narrate one story- Once God Krishana along with His friend Arjun was roaming and in one city the Arjun told God Krishana that the king of that city is his friend and they visited him. That king did not attend them properly but at the time of leaving the God Krishana blessed him with more money etc. After few yards God Krishana told Arjun that one of His Bhakat(follower) is also living in that city and let us go to his house. They went there and that followers worshiped them and serve them with fresh cow milk which he was having. At the time of leaving his house God Krishana blessed him “ let your cow dies”. At this Arjun was very surprised and ask God Krishana that the king who did not attend them was blessed with money and the person who worshiped them was blessed with the death of his cow. Then the God Krishana told him that the good Karams of that king were about to finish that is why he was blessed with more money so that he may become more rude due to his false pride and goes to NARAK early. On the contrary the follower who has worshiped them was spending all his time in worshiping the God Krishana except the time he was spending in taking care of that cow. After the death of his cow now he will spend all the time in worshiping God Krishana and will get the MOKSH at the earlier. We will discuss in detail in our future articles about the KARAM FAL.


So, like that our body is made up of PANCH BHOOT(five basic articles) PRITHVI(dust), JAL(water), AGNI(fire or heat), VAYU(air) and AKKASH(sky). This body is bounded by the PAASHs and VIKAR and in the body we have one SUKSHAM SHAREER- in Hindu rituals when we burn the dead body and on fourth day when we collect the ashes at that time the priest at the cremenation ground use to show us a bone which has the shape of a sitting saint in SAMADHI and is called as ATMA RAM . In good person it is found full. It is believed that the SUKSHAM SHAREER or the JEEV ATMA lives in this bone. The Pram-Atma lives in between the two eyes in the form of light of millions of SUNs but very cool and pleasant. Giving the example of cloned Dolly, some people will say that how the Dolly was cloned then reply is that it is done with the help of nature only. They have taken a part of the body of the mother and not created the spurms of Dolly in laboratory. This may be a new thing for them but if they see our VED. SHASTRA they will get plenty of such examples of cloning, like the birth of KARAN from the EAR of his mother KUNTI. If these so called non believers do not know much about these things then it does not mean that it is not possible. Actually the present day science knows very little and just to show them on the top they are saying all these as mythology. No this is not mythology and this is very much scientific and far advance then the present day science.