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Just to tell you the secret; my suggestions/ advices through some chants, Rudraksha combinations, gems and stones, color therapies, name changes can’t change time or destiny of any one but they surely helps you aligning yourself to world / inner karmic energies based on planetary positions in your horoscope and help reducing the malefic impact of negative planets; same time increases positive impact of favorable planets; which in turn helps you being positive in your difficult times.

Universe is full of energies – some positive and some negative; when people don’t align their karmic energies to required one; things go negative despite of hard work, patience, persistence and money spent. Once the person’s chakra/ karmic energies are aligned, efforts yield positive results and person feels that his/her time is changed, which is actually not true. Remember no human on earth unless Avatar of GOD Himself can change time.

Our ancient sciences (Astrology/numerology) are just ways to align oneself to karmic energies to keep one positive to sail through in difficult times. Align yourself and be blessed.