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As per MahhaGuru – Gauravv Mittal, Leading a good, healthy and peaceful living is not only governed by the amount of work put in by an individual but there are external factors which if aligned to internal and external Karmic energies provide a blissful life. In today’s world, each one of us is in the horde and cat rage of being successful and powerful to win the race of life. Being fueled by positive energy and supportive house/workplace are the key ingredients of a blissful and successful life where Vastu plays an important role.

Scientific studies conducted in this area have proven that positive surroundings and good vibes do maximum contribution to the success of individuals. Though most people curse their stars for their discontent and unhappiness; there are other forces working towards your unsuccessful life full of mental stress and bad health which is none other than going against the Vastu principles; Color therapy is one cure for the same.

Did you know, color of walls can affect your Mental Stress & health?

According to Mahha Guru, Colors if chosen in line to Numerology principles, will not only help you bring down the stress level but can make your life colorful and joyful.

View point for colors:

North East is the direction governed by Guru (Jupiter) and Ketu; Guru represents number 3 and Ketu represents number 7; color governed by Guru is yellow. North-East is the place for temple; the walls should be painted with Yellow color.

North is direction governed by Budh (Mercury); Mercury represents number 5 and color governed by Mercury is Green. North is the direction of Bathroom (Water source); the walls of the north zone rooms should be painted with Green color.

East is direction governed by Sun; Sun represents number 1 and color governed by Sun is Orange. East side walls /curtains should be of Orange / Red color.

South- East is direction governed by Angee Dev (Lord of Fire)/ Venus; color associated with fire is Red whereas the color associated with Venus is White/Blue; Venus represents number 6. South east zone belongs to Kitchen and hence the walls of the Kitchen should be painted with Orange / Red color but in case it’s a room, then it should be painted with White color.

South is direction governed by Mangal (Mars); Mars represents number 9 and color of Mars is Red. Southern walls of the house should be of painted with Orange / Red color.

South-West is direction governed by Rahu; Rahu represents number 4 and color associated with Rahu is Blue. South West is the best place for Master bedroom and hence the master-bedroom in Southwest Southern direction should be painted with blue color.

West is direction governed by Shani (Saturn); Shani represents number 8 and color associated with Shani is Black/Grey. Western walls of the house should be painted with Grey color.

North-West is direction governed by Vayu Dev/Moon; Moon represents number 2 and color associated with Rahu is White. North- West is the best place for Guest room/ Drawing room and hence the Guest room in North-West direction should be painted with white color.

Numerology point of view for colors:

As per Numerology’s suggested color therapy, one should not use colors which belong to malefic planets in one’s horoscope. Only those colors should be used which belongs to favorable planets or represented by luck/life path number.

So taking use of favorable colors and considering the Vastu suggested colors for different directions; a judicious decision is needed to be made to choose the over-all color schemes of the house.

Have you considered the above suggested parameters while deciding the color scheme of your house? If not, get it soon and bring happiness and prosperity keeping away the mental stress/agony.

The letter X is the numerical equivalent of the number 5 and represents sexuality. People with the letter X as their initial are generally very sensual.

On the negative side, unfaithfulness is an unpleasant character trait as well..