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Almost every second parents are complaining that the child is not focusing on study; the child is intelligent but he/she can’t concentrate on studies; My College going kid is more into friends / Facebook / Whatsapp rather than worrying about studies… every day I get few such calls/mails.

After checking out so many horoscopes; I believe one gets education by destiny. The fact that even kids from affluent families, who can afford any cost for education, are not so good in education; kids from poor families despite of scarcity of basic resources even become highly educated, makes my belief even stronger.

Does our stars influence our education level?

Can the stars be influenced favorably to ensure the child good education?

My answer is YES. By following the suggestions below, one will see, the child getting more serious about studies:

  1. Remedies through Rudraksha: If your college going kid is having the challenges with studies; Make him/her wear a combination of three 4 mukhi and one 6 mukhi and one 5 mukhi Rudraksha beads mala in yellow/green/blue thread. The each bead size should be 23 mm or above. Rudraksha bead combination shall help bringing back the lost concentration.
  2. Remedies through stones/gems: If your college going kid is having the challenges with studies; You need to check in his/her horoscope the position of mercury; if mercury is sitting in its own house 3rd or 6th; if luck/destiny number is governed by mercury; if maha dasha/ anter daksha of mercury is goin on; make it strong by focusing on green color clothes, wearing 5 ratti emerald in gold in right hand small/middle finger will help; chanting mercury beej mantra “OM BHRAM BHREEM BHROUM SAH BUDHAYA NAMAH” daily shall bring concentration in studies. One should consult lagna chart/ horoscope with qualified astrologer before wearing. Qualified astrologer shall also help suggesting the remedies for reducing the negative impact of unfavorable planets and making strong the favorable planets.
  3. If the kids are school going: For kids who are young and school going (between 8th -12th Standard); Rudraksha and mantra jaap therapies work and bring positive energies and help building concentration.

Those who are between 1st -8th standards; follow only color therapies. Mother/father can do jaap on behalf of the kid.

Note that there is no substitute/parallel to studies; the only purpose of above suggestions is to help bringing positive energies in oneself, which shall help building the concentration and in turn help to study better.