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Can one change the destiny by hard work? If everything is already destined, then why karma? Let’s understand. ….

As per astrology, considering the life span of human as 120 years, there will be all maha dasha, antar dasha, pratyantar Dasha of all planets in life time. Depending upon which planets are favorably positioned as per lagna/moon charts and under which Maha dasha, antardasha etc. influence, one is going through, one see special upliftment with less effort during the favorable planets; hard time despite of the hard work during non favorable planets combination. And this is changing every second, minute or day; remember we all say ‘insaan ka wakt badaltee huey dair nahi lagti’ or We say time is changing; good or bad time coming. What is that? It’s the impact of change of planetary positions in human life.

I personally believe that things are destined at the time of birth. During favorable time, not only our thoughts are positively aligned but our efforts start paying off. Good Karmas (hard and sincere work with persistancy) are important during all time be it favorable or non favorable time as they give us experience and strength to reap the higher benefits during the favorable planetary positions; good karma of this birth also decide and determine so called destiny of next birth.

Lord Krishna also said “Karam Kar, Phal kee Ichha mat Kar”. Do the required karma at every step of life.