Daily Prediction (Aries Sign) 22-1-2021


While Aries normally have no regard for speed limits on the road or in terms of the way they go about life, today you are rather measured and that means solid progress at a consistent pace with less stress.


Sex comes with many emotional complications right now which should be avoided if possible.

Personal Life

No matter what Aries does today, you are right and your partner should not argue with you; Uranus in your 1st house has imbued you with a sense of divine purpose and naysayers and critics are not welcome.


Whether Aries live in a posh condo or a crummy studio above a take away, they will tell you that was what they always wanted, but never count them out they are always working on improving the situation and today they have nerve and resolve.


Aries are lucky when they are uncompromising.


Travel in connection with a group project is favored.