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Vastu Shastra, a science of architecture, defines that there are specific colours that are fit for specific directions and rooms of your home. According to Astro-Numerologist Mahha Guru, Guravv Mittal, colours, if chosen in line with Vastu /Astrology/Numerology principles, will not only help you bringing down the stress levels but can also make your life joyful.

Colours for your home based on Vastu:

  • Northeast is the direction governed by Guru (Jupiter) and Ketu. Gururepresents number 3 and governed by the colour Yellow, and Keturepresents number 7. Northeast is the place for the temple and the walls of your temple should be painted with yellow.
  • North is direction governed by Budh (Mercury); Mercury represents number 5 and colour governed by Mercury is Green. North is the direction of bathroom or water source and hence, the walls of the rooms in the north should be painted green.
  • East is direction governed by Sun that represents number 1 and the colour that govern this direction is Orange. Walls or curtains in east direction should be orange or red in colour.
  • Southeast is the direction governed by Angee Dev (Lord of Fire)/ Venus and the colour associated with fire is Red whereas the colour associated with Venus is White/Blue. It is known that southeast zone belongs to the kitchen and hence, the walls of the kitchen should be painted with red or orange colour. But, in case it’s a room, then it should be painted white.
  • South is governed by Mangal (Mars) that represents number 9 and is governed by colour Red. Hence, this is the colour that the southern walls of your house should be painted in.
  • Southwest is governed by Rahu that represents number 4 and colour associated with Rahu is Blue. Southwest is the best for master bedroom with walls painted blue.
  • West is governed by Shani (Saturn) which represents number 8. The colour associated with Shani is Black/Grey. Hence, the western walls of the house should be painted grey.
  • Northwest is the direction governed by Vayu Dev (Moon) that represents number 2 and colour associated with Rahu is White. This direction is best to have a guest room/ drawing room. The walls of this room should be painted in white.

Here are some colours that are best-suited for different areas of your home:

  • Master bedroom: Ideally a master bedroom should be in the southwest direction and hence, should be painted with blue colour.
  • Guest room/Drawing room: Northwest is the best place for a guest or a drawing room. The walls of these rooms should be painted white.
  • Kids’ room: Northwest is the best place for kids who are studying as this direction is governed by Moon. Hence, kid’s room, if in the northwest direction, should be painted white colour.
  • Kitchen: Southeast zone is suitable for a kitchen. Make sure that you paint the walls of the kitchen orange or red.
  • Bathroom: Northwest is the best direction for a bathroom. The best-suited colour for a bathroom in this direction is white.
  • Hall: Ideally a hall should be in the northeast or northwest direction and accordingly should be painted yellow or white, respectively.
  • Exterior colour: For exterior walls the home owner could choose between off white, light mauve or orange colour. These colours are suitable for all sun signs.

Avoid these colours:

Prefer lighter shades over darker tones because these are not suitable to everyone. Especially, red, yellow or orange, since, these colours represents the fiery planets likes Rahu, Shani, Mars and Sun.

Positive surroundings and good vibes have the maximum contribution to the success of individuals. Though most people curse their stars for their discontent and unhappiness; there are other forces working towards your unsuccessful life, mental stress and bad health. That is going against the Vastu principles. Colour therapy is one cure for the same.

As per Astrology/Numerology, using this suggested colour therapy, one should not use colours which belong to malefic planets in one’s horoscope. Only those colours should be used which belongs to favourable planets or represent your luck/life path number.

So, make good use of favourable colours and consider the Vastu-suggested colours for different directions.