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I thank you GOD from bottom of my heart with both hands folded for giving me this life, opportunities and capabilities to generate employment and help more than 500 plus families as an entrepreneur. I look forward to best wishes of all family members, well-wishers, followers to make my baby (organization) grow at a faster pace generating jobs for thousands of people and creating wealth for all stake holders in the times ahead.

I have seen quite a fair number of ups and downs of life; Some of the challenges in early life till 12th Standard having mediocre impact and some of the challenges having major impact in early 30’s when I decided to quit the job and start my venture leaving a highly paid job. I would rather say it like this that I was no one to decide to quit my job but it was rather destined and I had to take the entrepreneurial path.
People who know me personally, they know me as workalcoholic and consider me a maker and mover. Despite of lots of hard & smart work, dedication, heaps of money….. etc. etc.; things were uncontrollable; High expenses and low revenues; no earnings for self; all paying from pocket and thus started losing out the hard earned and saved money; thanks to my Family members (I am born lucky on this front) supporting me during all the difficult time; they never discouraged me to wind up and go back on job. During those tough times; despite of hard and smart work; I was still not able to bring breakeven point; health issues started popping up; thus there came belief and faith in luck and destiny. Met couple of famous astrologers & numerologists; spent quite a handsome amount of money on whatever they suggested; got some relief but it was not enough.
Curiosity behind this science was increasing; started reading books on this science late at nights while the world was sleeping; I being an Engineer and an MBA; it was easy for me to relate the things and do difficult mathematical calculations to arrive on some suggestions for myself; implemented the same and aligned my chakras and made my positive energy level higher by means of name change, email id change, Rudraksha combination, gems, color therapies, various chants etc. etc., taking into  consideration different principals, means of Vedic/Indian/western astrology/ numerology in line to my horoscope and started seeing huge positive impact in business and thus the difference in life. Things which were earlier taking time, started happening positively; new clients /business growth began at faster pace; health issues were all gone. Learnt more about this science and still learning every day and the time came when I started suggesting others.
Thank you GOD for gifting me the art to understand this science to generate positive energies in humans during their good and bad times and a power to heal others; I believe that it’s the impact of the positive energy which keeps you high always and thus you sail through all the weathers. So far, I would have suggested to more than thousands pof people; no one came back saying that he/she did not see a positive impact of the suggestions; every day I get many thanks calls from them and feel elated to see that I could make them come out from their difficult times/ situations and progress in life.
Having said so; I am not discounting the hard and smart work; this is the basic ingredient; Lord krishna in GEETA also said:
“Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana” – You have the right to perform your actions, but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions.
Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani – Do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty.
Beyond Hard and smart work; there is something else too, which governs us and Astrology/numerology and related sciences helps to convert the malefic impact of bad energies to positive energies thus creating a benefic impact in Human life.

Why some of the predictions by a qualified/ Experienced Astrologer/ Numerologist can go wrong?

Some of the predictions given by me or any qualified & experienced Astrologeror Numerologist may go wrong, as we are Humans not God. Let’s understand what could be the reasons for the same!!
As per Hindu mythology, a person has to take multiple births in one form or other (different Yonis) unless the impact of positive deeds is so high that the person attains Nirvana/Moksha. Till then this cycle or birth & death and re-birth goes on.
When a person is born, he or she is born with some account containing plus and minus because of good or bad deeds done by him or her in previous births; which makes the Basis of placement of benefic/ malefic stars in his or her horoscope or natal chart, which Astrologers use as baseline to make predictions.
With the new birth deeds(karmas) again positive or negative, the inherited birth account gets credited with plus or minus. You see, astrologers make predictions by reading the birth chart and if the birth credit is changed, the predictions are bound to go wrong or time frame for incidents predicted from birth chart may be different.
Astrology or Numerology or any para-science for that matter gives a powerful overview of life or time frame but again as karmas of this life make impact, predicting with 100% guarantee is not possible for a human being.
Para-sciences help human to align him or herself to positive karmic energies which in turn help human being to do positive karmas which help people to attain their desired results and some of Astrologers say that “THEY CHANGED THE FUTURE OF THE PERSON” or “THEY CAN CHANGE”. Again remember, Astrologers can’t change, we can only predict the possibilities of happening and align your chakras to do positive karmas by means of Jaap, Rudraksha, Gems & stones, Colors therapies etc.

MahhaGuru” name is given to me by Media/ masses since my solutions are holistic from complete Occult sciences perspective and not limited to just Astrology or  Numerology etc.

I corrected the name spelling Numerologically making it as “MAHHA GURU”. Here is the Science behind the Name “MAHHAGURU”:

Numerologically name “Mahha Guru” is combination of number 7 and 8; Total “MahhaGuru” name number sum to 33. As per Numerology, Number 3, Guru and hence number 33 is combination of Guru and Guru, making it to Guru square or better pronounced as “Mahha Guru”. Number 3 and 3 sums to number 6, which is my luck number; Number 6 is governed by planet Venus. Even my original name “Gauravv Mittal” is combination of number 7 and 8; summing to number 6. Number 7 represents planet Ketu and Number 8 represents planet Saturn as per Numerology. Ketu makes the person become Spiritual; Saturn makes the person to do justice; thus the conjunction of both Ketu and Saturn makes the person Highly Spiritual and Justice Lover. Whereas number 6 brings harmony, luxury and fame.

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