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Astrology is the term widely used for calculating the positions of the planets at a specific time. Using your exact birth time and location, an astrologer can erect a natal horoscope chart that no..


Destiny Numerological Card compatibility, name number, personality number, birthday number, soul number, soul urge number, quiescent self…


The meaning of Vastu is dwelling, which is the home for god and humans. Vastu Shastra is based on various energies that come from atmosphere like solar energy from sun..

Gems & Colors Therapy

Colors if chosen in line to Numerology principles, will not only help you bring down the stress level but can make your life colorful and joyful. Scientific..


MahhaGuru – Gauravv Mittal suggests Rudraksha therapies, a way to align various chakras and cure the diseases and to lead a good healthy life.

Yantra & Mantra

Guided meditation and visualization, coupled with live spiritually-charged mantras– the therapeutic power of the mantras heals, enlightens and enlivens.

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So many predictions made by him on the current issues have come true...

He has helped many business tycoons, politicians, celebrities, industrialists to lead a successful life. He is known worldwide for his astrological predictions & solutions...












MahhaGuru’s predictions and suggestions have been right in almost every case. His recent high profile predictions were correct for Bigg Boss season 10; Arvind Kejriwal as Delhi CM, Salman Khan Bail; Sahara Sri Subrata Roy bail, Tamil Nadu Ex. Chief Minister Selvi J Jayalalithaa bail…

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MahhaGuru -The AstroNumerologist Gauravv Mittal
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MahhaGuru -The AstroNumerologist Gauravv Mittal
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MahhaGuru -The AstroNumerologist Gauravv Mittal
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MahhaGuru -The AstroNumerologist Gauravv Mittal
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MahhaGuru -The AstroNumerologist Gauravv Mittal
जिंदगी का सत्य: जब इंसान की जरूरत बदल जाती है तो उसके बात करने का तरीका भी बदल जाता है। इस सत्य को स्वीकार करना ही बुध्दिमत्ता है। ... See MoreSee Less
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Venus (Sukra) Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology

Venus (sukra) is considered as a subha graha (benefic / auspicious planet) by nature. Venus rules the signs Taurus (Rishabam) and Libra (Thulam). It is exalted in Pisces(Meenam) sign and debilitated in Virgo (Kanni) Sign. Venus represents marraige, love, kamam,...

Are you looking forward to become a BLUE EYED Boy/Girl in your boss eyes?

In today's corporate world; everyone wants to be the forerunner to achieve quick success by means of hard work; sometimes making his/her boss happy; wearing a plastic smile and showing him/herself always positive to score highest rating... Everything which is leading...

How To Energise a Yantra To Get Blessed..

Here are few things you need to do after receiving Yantra: You should place the Yantra after bath in the morning in direction as stated in other post. Light incense/oil lamp, offer a flower and chant the deity mantra or mantra of Yantra a minimum of 1008...

Impact of various planets in different houses in Natal chart

Moon in 1st House   With the Moon in the First House your feeling and instinctive nature will find expression through personal interests related to self-awareness and a search for true social identity. A healthy self-image and socially presentable physical...

What is Mahadasha and Antardasha?

There is a wide-spread lack of knowledge, misinformation or a mystery among common people about “Mahadasha”. When an Astrologer says “You are under Chandra Mahadasha” – The response is – “Oh, Am I under some kind of Mahadasha? What is the effect of Mahadasha – when it...


A lot is said about the life of a human being as how it comes in the body, who has created the life, what happens after the death, who runs this life etc. But the today’s science is not able to create a life independently and could not solve the mystery of...

Rahu Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology

Rahu is a materialistic planet and it represents wealth, pleasure, enjoyment, etc. Rahu does not rule any sign like Ketu, but they have given as the status of a planet. It is just a shadow of moon at the north node. Since the shadow is so powerful, both rahu and ketu...

Sun (Surya) Mahadasha in Vedic Astrology

Sun rules the government sector and raja sambhantha karyas. Any thing related to the goverment requires the support of the planet Sun. Sun rules the sign Leo (Simham). It is exalted in Aries (Mesham) sign and debilitated in Libra(Thulam) Sign. Sun rules heart, blood,...

Tips To Decorate Your Home Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries The lord for Aries is Mars and south is direction governed by Mars; Mars represents number 9 and color of Mars is Red. Southern walls of the house should be painted with red color. South-East zone curtains should be orange or red color. Use as much...


MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal found Rashi- Jal in order to help the society to live a healthy & positive life. It has specific herbs & plants' extracts that benefit a particular zodiac.


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