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Mahhaguru has a great hold over occult sciences, among these are Numerology, Astronomy, Astrology, Color & Gems therapy, Vastu, Rudraksha Therapy, Prasanavali, Ayurveda mixed with Astrology, Reiki, Vedic Mantra etc.

Mahhaguru suggests combinations of various therapies based on a particular horoscope. 



Reiki is a natural healing. An example of the former is Reiki therapy, which aims to realign and strengthen healthful energies through the intervention of energies radiating from the hands of a master healer.

Healing with gadgets & Crystals

Aura report

Healing through meditation, hypnosis

Heal & Change your Life..

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If yantra are worshipped with sincere devotion, rewards will unfold. There are many yantras- kuber yantra, kaal sarpa yantra, mahalaxmi yantra etc which can bring  very positive changes in the life of the person.


Gems & Colours Therapy

Scientific studies conducted in this area have proven that positive surroundings and good vibes do maximum contribution to the success of individuals.

Did you know, color of walls can affect your Mental Stress & health?

Ayurveda mixed with Astrology

Recalling our ancient time, when our “Raj-Vaidh” used to take help of an astrologer to see the current Maha-Dasha/ Anter-Dasha/Pratyantar-Dasha of various planets along with Lagna Kundli and moon chat etc. before giving Ayurvedic medicine to cure faster. This approach had been effective and helped curing the fatal diseases.


Rudraksha Therapies

As per our ancient science, if we align our body chakras, we can win over or safe guard ourselves with all diseases.
Rudraksha therapies help aligning various chakras and heal /cure the diseases and problems of life in this fast moving time.



Guided meditation and visualization, coupled with live spiritually-charged mantra music – an infusion of diverse flavors from East and West, with powerful, transformative ancient mantras and kirtans with an Eastern vibe. The therapeutic power of the mantras heals, enlightens and enlivens.

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Role of Karma

Can one change the destiny by hard work? If everything is already destined, then why karma? Let's understand. .... As per astrology, considering the life span of human as 120 years, there will be all maha dasha, antar dasha, pratyantar Dasha of all planets...

How To Energise a Yantra To Get Blessed..

Here are few things you need to do after receiving Yantra: You should place the Yantra after bath in the morning in direction as stated in other post. Light incense/oil lamp, offer a flower and chant the deity mantra or mantra of Yantra a minimum of 1008...


You all know what I want Post this life.. Which is moksha/nirvana/salvation. Living in this worldly things, brings attachment /desires with things, people etc.. The more we get attached, the more the desires, the more we make ourselves away from the path...


A lot is said about the life of a human being as how it comes in the body, who has created the life, what happens after the death, who runs this life etc. But the today’s science is not able to create a life independently and could not solve the mystery of...

How to Reduce Fat Obesity?

How to Reduce Fat Obesity is a big cause of depression  and other serious issues for many people.   Apart from eating high calorie food, obesity is caused by: - genetic factors - liver not functioning well - hypothyroidism - eating too much junk food -...

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