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How to Reduce Fat Obesity is a big cause of depression  and other serious issues for many people.


Apart from eating high calorie food, obesity is caused by:

– genetic factors

– liver not functioning well – hypothyroidism

– eating too much junk food

– metabolic disorders

– endocrine system not functioning well

– hypogonadism

– problems with hypothalamus

– due to stress, which causes bad effects on the metabolic disorder

– people who sleep in the day can expect their fat to increase more

– if your routine is not right, then it will cause “medh” to accumulate in your body on the back, chest, and in the bones.

– if the way you eat is not correct, then that also causes the fat to increase – whenever earth and water elements in the body get disbalanced, it causes the fat to increase in the body


Doing astrological remedies helps lower fat very quickly, sometimes quicker than dietary problems. The mukhya graha/main planet is responsible for your body, mind, and wealth.


Moon: Moon and Venus both increase fat. If your birthchart is effected too much by Moon or Venus, then your fat increases, but you still look attractive. You will have chubby cheeks and your skin and face will always be soft looking. However, you still have to suffer through the problems caused by obesity. You will have too much phlegm and water in the body. You need to lower the amount of anxiety you undertake. People who plan, read, and write, will have a great desire to eat a lot of sweets as their Moon is very strong.  If your Moon is in the 1st, 5th, or 9th house (shows negative Moon), then your walk will be generally slow, so you should do brisk walking to get rid of your fat. However, if your Moon is strong and positive, then the work you do will be quite fast despite being fat.  Use “lavan” to keep the Moon related fat away. Don’t eat cold things. Also, you should not be in an air-conditioned environment. Do things to increase your sweating. Don’t let the cold in your body increase.


JUPITER: Jupiter although gives a lot of intelligence, gets you out of troubled situations, it also gives fat in the body. If Jupiter is good, the person is very learned, makes one interested in religious activities. On the other hand, a positive Jupiter one to be a glutton. It causes fat in the belly, increased cholestrol, pains in the arms and legs, makes one lazy. So, you should do some remedies, otherwise, it will cause a quick weight gain after 42 years.


Remedies: Start drinking warm water immediately after every meal. To keep Moon, Venu, and Jupiter balanced, don’t eat anything cold. Drink buttermilk at room temperature instead of eating yoghurt. Reduce the intake of sugar and salt. Eat papaya as much as you can. Make sure you do some work which makes you sweat. For Venus, put some “medohar” in warm water and take it 3 times a day. For Jupiter, take a few “tez-patta” along with a bit of turmeric, put 4 glasses of water and boil it until you are left with just one glass of water. Then add 1 spoon of honey and drink it. Take 30ml aloe vera juice and mix 2ml amla juice to it and start drinking it twice a day. Stop eating white flour (maida) and white rice (which has “maadh”). Instead, take the maadh along with a bit of salt, this will help decrease your weight. Don’t sleep too much and also don’t wear gold too much. Don’t drink too much milk or sugar in tea. Drink green tea instead. Make sure you chew your food properly. Eat triphala vati with some warm water after food. After food, sit in “vajraasana” for 5 minutes.

When a person consumes more calories than required by the body, the body retains it in the form of fat. The body constitution makes a big difference in making a person fat. If the metabolism of a person is fast, even when they consume large quantities of food, they remain thin and do not gain weight. That is the reason why some people do not lose weight even after following a diet plan as their metabolism is slow or very slow.


The metabolic rate also slows down as we age, so we tend to gain weight after middle age. The profiles of overweight persons are avoided while searching for a matrimonial alliance. Astrologically, the individuals born in watery signs i.e. cancer, Scorpio and Pisces tend to be overweight. Afflicted Venus, moon, Jupiter, Rahu in angles or with or aspecting the lagna or its lord makes a person obese. These persons have afflicted 9nth house or its lord. They tend to inherit these traits from their parents. Those born on dates 3, 6 and 4 are likely to gain wait. Those born on 4rth tend to have a potbelly. The dasa, antardasa is mostly of moon, Venus, Jupiter and Rahu. The persons who are dominated by sun and mars have a fast metabolism and they can eat whatever they like without gaining weight. The lord of second house ruling eating habits and Karaka moon, if afflicted especially by Rahu and Saturn, the person tends to eat a lot of junk, oily and fried foods. Jupiter and Venus cause one to be addicted to sweets and rich food. The affliction by mars makes one fond of spicy and hot food.



The remedy is to change the lifestyle and certain spiritual remedies. The person should drink 4 to 5 litres of water to clear the toxins out of the system. A change in diet or following a diet plan is not a permanent solution. The constitution of the body needs to be changed for long-term effects. Drinking water from red and yellow pyramid is useful, as it tends to increase the metabolic rate of the body.