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You all know what I want Post this life.. Which is moksha/nirvana/salvation. Living in this worldly things, brings attachment /desires with things, people etc.. The more we get attached, the more the desires, the more we make ourselves away from the path of moksha because all your desires can’t be fulfilled.. During the course of life, one tends to do positive and negative karma, grah have their own impact.. Despite taken the path of saint, Despite I feel, I have good control on 9 planets, good control on my indris, being human, I am impacted.. The impact is in form of greed, position, fear of losing, attraction, love etc etc… Remember even God in human form had to stuffer. So If there is residual of desires, you have to take birth again and this cycle of coming and going, birth and death becomes a vicious cycles. Coming out of this then is next to impossible. And I have seen all sessions of life in this age of 42; good time to difficult times… Difficult times to good times… High level of attachment with my parents.


Now refer back to our epics, there are different stages in human life.. We are being told the phase of detachment before death which is nothing but sanyas. During this phase, one need to come out of all attachments, worldly desires and make oneself above all greed, fear, love etc etc. That’s the time for self actualization.. This is the stage which helps negating the impact of all bad deeds and karma, we do in life time. One they negate, one can actually become part of shiv.

As known to this vedic science, I know how much is my age left ahead.. If circumstances permit, I would definitely like to take this path before I leave this body.. That’s what my wish.. Let’s see if it gets fulfilled.. God knows better.


May be quite heavy statements above… But I am here for now so cheer up and keep throwing yours question, I will try answering them.


After seeing thousands of horoscopes, alignment with HIM and high intuitions, I know my age, rather date of final destination.


You said family shall stuffer…. My answer to this is that everyone has to go through the pain and gains of his/her life based on his/her karma.. As I say, I can be a medium but can’t be a reason for suffering and happiness of any one be it my family, friends or followers. Everyone has things to perform. Everyone has to go through the cycle of pain and gain. The more the pain you finish seeing early, the later part of life will be better.


Having said so, I know people miss but human is adaptable and in some time adjusts to situation and takes it as destiny. It’s just like parents when they go old and leave, we miss them, we remember them but life still goes on. We still celebrate happy moments of life.



Most of the people believe in this theory only that enjoy the life in this birth, in what form we shall get the next birth, who knows…. That’s why there are sins, bad acts because everyone wants to enjoy life to the fullest with the same thought process, next birth ka next birth mein deekhngee and moreover post death, no one knows in what form he/she shall take birth.. While we are live, we desire to go to swarg post death to again enjoy.. But how does it matter whether we go to swarg or narak that’s post death only which is desired by the sthool sharir. Most of us are interested to know the solution of immediate problem but forget to understand that the problem has come because of our deeds… Then we spend time and energies to make stars favorable… We are never satisfied with kind of money, luxuries we accumulated whole the life… We are still in distress… When we do self introspection, we start understanding the basic under lying principles “what we sow, what we reap”.. We understand there is some thing beyond our efforts only… Some different energy is controlling the world which has a counter of all positive and negative deeds… How to come out of this situation… What has been taught by our epics… Once we know the truth, person starts looking forward to no birth… No pain… Just be part of eternity who runs this world. All this is smartness of lord vishnu, had he created the path of moksha easy, everyone would be looking forward to it and then the purpose of creating the earth, life and death cycle would have gone for toss. Bhagwan vishnu aise ke karte hai, pehle insaan ko bhramit and if he becomes then dandit… So time to wake up and see what we want in this and post this life.. One is free to decide his/her path.